Shopkins Birthday Party by Minted and Vintage

28th January 2016


Shopkins are all the rage right now, so of course my little girl would choose it as the theme for her 5th birthday party! For me that meant scouring Etsy for printables and anything I could use for decor since there really wasn’t much out in stores (yet).


I found an awesome printables designer from Australia named Kardography, who made the invitation design and dessert table backdrop design. That’s what set the tone for the entire party and I ran with it!


_MG_2369_Abbys Shopkins Party2



Dessert tables at my girl’s party are always a main focal point. I knew this one would be bursting in color, and I didn’t mind it one bit! To make set up a breeze, I decided to get a 4 ft. by 6ft. backdrop printed though my printer Polydot Print. Next, I purchased white duck cloth fabric and cut out triangles from the edge because I wanted it to look like a receipt, I also thought the white would be the perfect base to make all my new colorful cake stands (from my collection of rentals) and desserts pop! I handmade the Shopkins banner out of felt and used it as a table garland. I cut out my own confetti hearts, coins, and cute shapes to toss on the table with my trustee Cricut machine.


Desserts included the cutest Shopkins cake ever, complete with hand sculpted fondant Shopkins and banner, by The French Confection Co. Mallory also made me matching cupcakes that I topped with Shopkins cupcake picks that I purchased on Etsy and real Shopkins shopping bags from my little ones collection. I found the cutest little popcorn box printable on Etsy that mimicked the Shopkins character Poppy Corn that I filled with popcorn.






Bella’s Bakery nailed the Shopkins character cake pops and rice crispy treats, little ones couldn’t wait to get their hands on those! The adorable Shopkins iced cookies came from Busy Bee Cakery.

IMG_2166_Abbys Shopkins Party




I contacted my girls over at Cerritos Florist to make me some bright and beautiful floral centerpieces for my guest tables. The flowers they chose were perfect and colorful. I spray painted plastic toy shopping baskets I found at Walmart and used those as the vessels.


I got a custom Wishes piñata made by my local piñata maker,  Piñatas Villafan, it was too adorable to break!


Little party guests loved making their own colorful beaded bottle cap bracelets, it was such a cute craft idea! I ordered colored bottle caps and epoxy domes from Bottlecap Art Supplies on Etsy. At home, I printed the Shopkins characters on a sheet to fit into a 1” circle and hole punched them, I pre-assembled the bottle caps and at the party let the girls choose their favorite character to string!


For party favors, I made some Shopkins mini coloring books and got them printed digitally by Polydot Print.

IMG_2311_Abbys Shopkins Party

IMG_2231_Abbys Shopkins Party

My girls Shopkins themed 5th birthday party was a success and am relieved to say it was pretty easy (and fun) crafting for despite being almost entirely DIY! Hope this party inspires you to make one for your girl!



IMG_2179_Abbys Shopkins Party



Party Styling, Photography, & Cake Stand Rentals: Minted and Vintage

Invitation & Backdrop Design: Kardography

Backdrop Printing: Polydot Print

Florist: Cerritos Florist

Cake & Cupcakes: The French Confection Co.

Cake Pops & Rice Crispy Treats: Bella’s Bakery

Iced Cookies: Busy Bee Cakery

Cupcake Picks: JenelleBowBoutique

Mini Popcorn Box Printable: Coco Delava

Piñata: Piñatas Villafan

Bottlecap Supplies: Bottlecap Art Supplies


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