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20th November 2016


Since the start of my business, I knew what I wanted my site to look like. The difficult part was getting it done all on my own with little to no experience in product photography, image editing, and graphic design. So I started little by little, learning by trial and error, over the past 4 years I’ve had extremely beneficial hands-on experience along the way with the help of my programmer, and graphic design friends. The key was PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE. I’m happy to finally look at my (slowly updated) product images with pride! Bright and colorful images of each piece in my collection, on a crisp white background…that’s what I’ve always wanted and I finally worked my way to get it! I’ve done this all in the hopes of having a beautiful, seamless, easy to navigate, user friendly website for my lovely clients! Hope you enjoy the updated look of our site!




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