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13th August 2015

Minecraft Dessert Table_6

My little gamer boy turned 7 and for his birthday this year and all he wanted was a Minecraft party! I was knee deep in crafting and planning my Goddaughters Vintage Ice Cream Parlor Party (that was scheduled 2 weeks after his party) and on top of that my precious, sweet Grandma passed away. Needless to say I had a lot on my plate and all this stressed out mama needed was an easy, low stress yet cool party for her sweet boy.

Minecraft Party

Minecraft Dessert Table

I started out with an invitation to set the theme. I found an awesome Minecraft invitation printable on Etsy and got it printed over at Polydot Print.

Minecraft Invitation1

The coolest thing about this party is I DIY’d practically everything! Here’s a list of the super easy things I made for the sweets table:

  1.       1. Printed out and cut a Minecraft Happy Birthday letter banner (purchased on Etsy)
  2.       2. Printed out and cut Minecraft food labels for desserts and candy (cookies, TNT, fish, etc.)
  3.       3. Printed out and cut 4 TNT squares to cover sides of a cubed glass vase to hold licorice
  4.       4. Made a Minecraft “grass” table topper out of felt squares in different shades of green
  5.       5. Made a “dirt” table skirt out of brown burlap  (purchased at Joanns with a 50% off coupon)

I basically used whatever candy I could find (at Walmart or Target) to match the cute little Minecraft food labels. There are tons of food elements in the game so it’s pretty easy to find something to pair the labels with. I used Swedish fish for the fish labels, Red Vines licorice for TNT, and store bought chocolate chip cookies for the cookies label.

I pulled out cake stands, compotes, and cake plates from both Minted and Vintage collections in emerald green, green apple, and blackberry milk. They were the perfect Minecraft colors!

Minecraft Party_4

I even whipped up these super easy desserts:

  1.       1. Rocky Road Bites (huge hit with parents and kids!)
  2.       2. Dirt Grass Blocks Rice Crispy Treats (basic rice crispy treats recipe just substitute plain cereal for chocolate, (I used extra cocoa powder, form into cubes and top with green icing for grass using a grass tip)

Minecraft Party 3

My friend Mallory from The French Confection Co. made me an awesome Minecraft cake! She made a dirt grass block for the bottom tier and a TNT cube for the top tier along with my sons favorite Minercraft weapon as a topper: a diamond sword! She also made me a dozen cupcakes topped with fondant Steve, TNT, pig, Enderman, and Creeper heads! So cool. For this group of boys I went cookies and cream flavor for the cake and cupcakes, they were sooooo good!

Minecraft Cake

Minecraft Party_5

Minecraft Party 2

Minecraft Party_1

Minecraft Dessert Table_2

Minecraft Party_3

Minecraft Dessert Table

All in all, it was a simple yet awesome party for my boy and his classmates, they had so much fun! And I was relieved I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on the decor for this one, we ended up saving that for a Game Truck. Win, win!


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