Welcome to our Vintage collection! Here you will find charming vintage pieces that have been carefully selected to display your desserts beautifully. Only pieces in mint condition make our collection of rentals. Choose from Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG), produced from roughly 1850 to 1910, Depression Glass pieces from the 20's & 30's to creamy and bright Milk Glass pieces from the 40's to the 50's. All period pieces come in a variety of pressed patterns such as moon & stars, thumbprint, flared & fluted lace, ruffle, diamond, and hobnail patterns. They were all hand made by American glass companies that were crafting handmade pressed glass pieces since as far back as the 1900’s. These pieces are no longer manufactured today which adds to their appeal. Rent any of the pieces in our vintage collection to add some authentic vintage charm and history to your dessert tables!
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